Training, Rest and Prevention to reach the objectives.

Really so, probably today I will begin to turn out to be disagreeable to many people, but if your conviction up to now has been that one of being able to reach any objective with the training, you are making a mistake of big one.

In many people probably already they will have noticed it, with mishaps or going in “overtraining

The increase of the training improves the performance, this is sure, but over certain limit is not told the things they to keep on going to the same line.

It is necessary to accept it, the samples are few ones, they have extraordinary abilities, between which that one of recovering in extraordinary way.

Too often do we want to imitate them, but in what?

We begin to do long meetings from training, repeated the fastest, absolutely double daily training, forgetting the whole rest.

A good program does not exist of training, without the just recovery times, without alternating cargo phases with phases of unloading (I begin of supercompensation) and above all we forget that samples our idols they have a staff that follows them daily.

The importance of the physical therapies?

A good decontracting massage, an osteopathic control to get a clear view of the whole body.

All the times are you approached to the therapies?

It happens to me to receive persons who confess me of a physical therapy is never granted to recover the labours, of being gone behind troubles, pains, contractures for months, sometimes years.

It is still not quite clear if the contracture depends on metabolic or purely physical factors, certainly one increase of the activity, above all if done in not gradual way, it influences very much this trouble.

Sometimes it can be a reaction of the body to another problem, if only being distant where from we have

TRAIN WELL, YOU RESPECT YOUR BODY WITH THE JUST ONE REST IS WITH THE JUST THERAPIES and you will see what very hardly you will be forced to long inactivity periods for mishap, they will be like that doing your personal objectives reachable.